Every requirement and every area of usage has its ideal printing technique.
Outdoor and Indoor, foto-fast or other, serial or custom production.
There are many factors, which have an influence on the choice of the right printing technique. Puntec industries produces everything in-house. We know the quality of the fabrics and discuss details with our customers to make sure they obtain the ideal solution concerning optics and price.

The colour is applied with dispersion printing, heat fixation or sublimation printing.
This printing technique is especially advantageous for textile materials, since the colour penetrates the fabric, which makes it abrasion-proof. The fabric keeps its natural structure and flexibility, since no layers of colour are applied.

- ideal for prints, where colour shading is necessary (photo-like print)
- usage for single productions up to small series
- perfect colour intensity
- good trans-illumination (lighting of products)
- perfect for flags and inflatable advertising displays
- abrasion-proof
- all sorts of designs and colours can be printed

Colours are applied step-by-step in more layers
Puntec industries has years of experience in the area of serigraphy on all sorts of fabrics
Serigraphy sizes of 1,2 x 6 m also allow large-pattern prints with high ink coverage.

- Prints with up to 4 colours
- Ideal for flags, banners, tarpaulins, covers, labels
- Ideal for lager quantities due to low printing costs per piece.

Colour is applied onto the object by airbrush

- Ideal for single-unit and customised products
- Offers individual design possibilities with colour gradients
- No restrictions in size
- Ideal for inflatables and for sailing sports
- Ideal for complex objects and cuts
  (Colour can also be applied over the seams)

A self-developed, complex rendering software enables the application of pictures, logos, texts, etc. on curved object surfaces.
Photo distortions are eliminated when putting together single parts for perfect transitions.

The perfect appearance for your logo.